Descendents "Victim of Me" (video)

Descendents 'Victim of Me' (video)
We're living in a mug-half-full kind of world again, with California punk greats Descendents ready to drip their Hypercaffium Spazzinate into our ears this summer. Ahead of time, they're showing off a live clip-loaded music video for the record's first twitchy single, "Victim of Me."

While filmed in black and white, the concert-shot clip also suggests by the crowd's wave of smartphones that there's likely some bootleg footage in colour somewhere online. Milo Aukerman tunefully screams himself hoarse on the track about leading a panicked life, but he seems fairly in control behind the mic.

Full of Descendents-style aggression and melody, not to mention bassist Karl Alvarez's always playful runs, the video can be found below. Hypercaffium Spazzinate hits stores July 29 via Epitaph Records.

A U.S. tour was announced earlier this month, and the date and venue details can be found here.