Clipse Reveal Release Date and Tracklisting for Till the Casket Drops

Clipse Reveal Release Date and Tracklisting for <i>Till the Casket Drops</i>
While it was starting to seem like they'd actually be in their caskets before it came out, Virginia coke-rap duo Clipse have finally announced the details for their Till the Casket Drops LP. The long-awaited album follows up their critically acclaimed 2006 effort, Hell Hath No Fury, and has been in the works for a long time. Fortunately, it looks like the record will actually be out before the end of the year.

The album has been given a December 8 release date via Columbia Records. And while release dates seem infinitely flexible with hip-hop albums, the possibility of it actually coming out then seems more secure with the fact that the band have shared the record's tracklisting.

In its 13 tracks, Casket boasts more of the definitive Neptunes production that made Hell Hath No Fury so great, along with a slew of guests, including Cam'ron, Kanye West, Pharrell, Keri Hilson and more.

Damn, now we're going to have to wait on this before we can decide our favourite hip-hop album of 2009.

Till the Casket Drops:

1. "Speak of Freedom" (Produced By Sean C & LV)

2. "Popular Demand" (Popeyes) feat. Cam'ron" (Produced By The Neptunes)

3. "Kinda Like a Big Deal feat. Kanye West" (Produced By DJ Khalil)

4. "Showin' Out feat. Yo Gotti Produced By The Neptunes)

5. "I'm Good feat. Pharrell" (Produced By The Neptunes)

6. "There Was A Murder" (Produced By DJ Khalil)

7. "Door Man" (Produced By The Neptunes)

8. "Never Will It Stop feat. Ab-Liva" (Produced By Sean C & LV)

9. "Eyes On Me feat. Keri Hilson" (Produced By The Neptunes)

10. "Counseling" (Produced By The Neptunes)

11. "Champion" (Produced By The Neptunes)

12. "Footsteps" (Produced By DJ Khalil)

13. "Life Change" (Produced By The Neptunes)