Cave In to Deliver 'The Sacrifice Poles' Vinyl Reissue

Cave In to Deliver 'The Sacrifice Poles' Vinyl Reissue
Though it's not a new album, metalcore/space rock adventurists Cave In will be serving up their 4-track-heavy The Sacrifice Poles effort on vinyl for the first time later this spring. The wax reissue arrives May 27 through Robotic Empire.

The collection was tracked between 1998 and 2000, around the time the group were prepping their Jupiter LP, and was originally released in 2001 by Robotic Empire, then known as Robodog Records. The press release notes that the 11-song release features "4-track experimentations and choice instrumental jams," and while 10 of the 11 songs are exclusive to The Sacrifice Poles, "Brain Candle Waltz" was reworked with post-hardcore textures as "Brain Waltz" for Jupiter.

This latest pressing was remastered for vinyl by James Plotkin and comes in two separate limited-editions runs of vinyl, with 300 on "opaque blue" vinyl and the 200 on black wax. The record also comes packaged with a digital download card, with everything housed in a silk-screened jacket recreating Aaron Turner's artwork, which you can see above.

Despite touring off and on, Cave In have not released a full-length since 2011's White Silence.

The Sacrifice Poles:

1. Guitarmeggedon
2. God Is On The Telephone
3. Silence (omitted)
4. Chewable Robots
5. Chow Foon The Moon
6. Upsetting Dream
7. Neon Glow
8. Feline Macabre
9. Brain Candle Waltz
10. Head Extensions
11. Low Rumble Waltz