CATL "Caroline" (The Murder remix)

CATL 'Caroline' (The Murder remix)
Owen Sound's Mudtown Music & Arts Festival is a week away, and in anticipation of the big event, the organizers from Mudtown Records have released a new remix of Catl.'s song "Caroline" by the Murder.

The original version, which appeared on 2010's With the Lord for Cowards You Will Find No Place, was a raucous blues cut. This remix turns into a beat-driven hip-hop tune, with the grimy slide licks preserved and overdubbed with rapping. The result sounds a bit like a heavy, more straight-faced version of Beck's "Loser."

The Murder features Mudtown Records owner Josh Richardson along with MC Savvy C. They are planning to drop an album in the fall.

Mudtown Music & Arts Festival takes place on August 9 and 10. Performers include Stars, Young Galaxy, Zeus, Hannah Georgas, Pick a Piper, Wax Mannequin, Shotgun Jimmie, Catl. and Daniel Romano. Learn more about the event here.