Cassius "Feel Like Me" (ft. Cat Power)

Cassius 'Feel Like Me' (ft. Cat Power)
French electronic duo Cassius are once again breaking off a piece of their Ibifornia. This time it's the Cat Power-equipped "Feel Like Me."

The track of course is below for your listening pleasure. And to give you a bit more context, Cassius had this to say about the song to The Fader:

One day while we were working on Cat Power's last album 'Sun,' we played Chan our song 'I <3 U SO.' She looked at us and said that she would love singing on a track like this. We were overexcited and decided to tailor-made a song in the style of ours for our favorite living singer on earth, miss Chan Marshall. We made the instrumental in Paris, we knew very fast that we had an incredible chord progression and a great production. We went to New York and let Chan do her thing without even realizing what was really happening behind the glass window at Occiloscope Studio. We listened back and in a matter of a seconds we were all incapacitated by the water overflowing from our eyes. Since then it still has the same effect, Chan sang like a real woman, exactly how she prepared us on our long emails. Now we feel that this song is probably the most beautiful one we'll ever do. We accept it and think it's great like that. This moment at Occiloscope, working with Andre the Beastie Boys last engineer, remembering Adam Yauch, hearing Chan's voice from heaven, giving us everything she had... This moment we'll cherish until our last breath and even beyond. Hope you love it too. Peace.

Ibifornia now comes out August 26 via Interscope/Polydor.