Billy Moon "Tarranoh"

Billy Moon "Tarranoh"
Hamilton-area indie rockers Billy Moon are readying a new EP entitled I'll Push the Pedals and You Steer for release next month, and ahead of its arrival, they've unveiled an album cut called "Tarranoh."
Referencing the proper pronunciation of Ontario's nearby capital city, the song doesn't do much to debunk myths about Torontonians being self-involved, centre-of-the-universe types.
"I'm starting to learn that sometimes even though you have a really good first date with someone, there's absolutely no guarantee they'll call you back," the project's namesake tells Exclaim! "Especially if they're in Toronto and you're in Hamilton. It's just one of those things."
Keeping things local, Billy Moon enlisted fellow Hamilton music man — and "one of the sweetest damn boys you'll ever meet" — Dan Edmonds to work on a handful of new tracks, including "Tarranoh."
"I approached him asking if he'd be interested in recording us, plus I was really interested in doing a video for him," Billy Moon explains. "He liked the idea of doing a sort of labour trade, so that's how the project came to be. Really happy with the warmer sound we got out of it, plus Dan was just a treat to work with."
You can hear the fruits of that labour exchange by giving "Tarranoh" a spin in the player below right now. I'll Push the Pedals and You Steer is set to follow on May 12.