Baths "Disorderly"

Baths "Disorderly"
Following the Ocean Death mini-release earlier this year, Los Angeles electro player Baths is once again sticking to the EP format. This time, though, he's popping up on a comp that L.A. imprint Friends of Friends has put together with Vans OTW.

Called What's Good Los Angeles?, the EP features five tracks, and you can hear Baths' contribution "Disorderly" now down below.

Also on the comp are the likes of Dâm-Funk, Odd Future's Hodgy Beats and Jerome LOL. Problem x Salva appear on the release as well, and you can actually listen to their team-up "Motivated" at the bottom of the page too.

You'll be able to download the entire EP over here come October 8.

What's Good Los Angeles?:

1. Problem x Salva - "Motivated"

2. Dâm-Funk - "Looks Like Ya' Got Somethin' to Say"

3. Hodgy Beats - "Bars" (prod. Mr. Carmack)

4. Jerome LOL - "Burton Hall"

5. Baths - "Disorderly"