Bat for Lashes Hinting at Announcement Via Hangman Game

Bat for Lashes Hinting at Announcement Via Hangman Game
Deerhunter aren't the only ones with a mysterious announcement in the works this weekend. Bat for Lashes seems to have something on the way, which she has been hinting at with a cryptic game of hangman.

Yesterday (August 15), she posted a black and white image of someone's body, plus a game of hangman with the letter "I" filled in. Today (August 16), she followed it up with a slightly different photo and the letter "E" now added. There are six more letters still to fill in. That's the newest image above and the older image below.

Of course, it's anyone's guess as to what this means, but it seems fairly likely that it's building up to an album announcement, given that the logos for the Echo Label and Parlophone Records are in the top corner of the images. Assuming that this is a new album, it will be Bat for Lashes' first since 2012's The Haunted Man.

Then again, Bat for Lashes leader Natasha Khan said just last year that she was putting her music on hold in order to focus on film and paintings, so it's possible that this is a different sort of project. If she's rolling out a new letter each day, we should have the full name of the new project in less than week.

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