Michael Bay Says There Are 14 More 'Transformers' Movies in the Works

Michael Bay Says There Are 14 More 'Transformers' Movies in the Works
It might be time to bring the Autobots and the Decepticons in for a tune-up and an oil change, because it looks like we've got a lifetime worth of Transformers movies on the horizon.

While Michael Bay is set to stop directing the toy robo-car movies after this summer's The Last Knight, he has still threatened the public with an absolutely absurd amount of flicks from the franchise.

As first reported by Yahoo! Movies, Bay appeared in a new film at a preview screening of The Last Knight at Leicester Square's Cineworld IMAX in London. In the pre-recorded segment, he promised that there were a staggering 14 Transformers movies in the works.

While it's hard to believe that there are any stories left to be told in the franchise (which already includes five films), a secret Transformers writing room was convened in 2015, where they've been hammering away different excuses to have cars turn into robots and, presumably, vice-versa.

In other words, you'll be hearing about new Transformers movies for the next few decades.